Remember pretty Penny? She’s Kristin’s rescue baby who ended up positive for heartworm. We decided to try herbal treatment for her since we knew we caught it early and she had already started heartworm prevention tablets (which kill the “baby” worms). She had been on her herbal medication for a few weeks when she started to have slight elevations in her breathing at home. For one weekend, she was lethargic and breathing heavy. After 2-3 days of this, she suddenly was normal. We were worried she was having symptoms from the heartworm, but these are also symptoms a dog can have after treatment of adult worms with Immiticide. So we looked at her heart again with the ultrasound, and sure enough, the adult heartworm living in her heart was gone! The herbal medication helped her immune system fight it naturally. She was having symptoms as her body was clearing the parasite from her heart. Wow! Penny is back to normal and feeling great! Great job Kristin!