Gracie is a 4yr old Labrador Retriever with an acral lick granuloma on her left carpus that was unresponsive to treatment for almost a year.  Lick granulomas are chronic wounds that become very deep infections and typically do not respond to surgery (the dogs will just create another wound over the surgical incision) and are very difficult to cure. Gracie’s wound was cultured and appropriate antibiotic therapy was given long term along with topical treatments and bandaging of wound intermittently but nothing seemed to completely resolve this lesion. It would get better but within a short period of time, Gracie was licking at her leg and the granuloma would regress again.  We decided to use K-Laser therapy on this wound in conjunction with more antibiotics based on a new skin culture.  K-Laser was performed three times weekly for the first 4 weeks then performed twice weekly.  The wound has almost healed with 2 months of K-Laser treatment!!  We will continue K-Laser therapy until it is completely resolved and Gracie could not be happier.  K-Laser has given us the ability to cure lick granulomas when in the past we would just have to manage them as chronic wounds.