I regularly kayak on Mountain Island Lake and would bring my dog Tyler with me.  She would ride in the back of the kayak and occasionally get out to swim during our trips.  She always wore a life jacket because I worried about her tiring in the water.  I never imagined that jacket would actually save her life.

Almost 2 years ago, we were out on the water and Tyler was getting anxious in the kayak so she jumped into the water.  She seemed a little disoriented and was swimming away from me.  It was then that she had her first seizure of her life … in the water, about 20 feet from me.  There was not enough time to get to her and I know she would have drowned if she was not wearing her life jacket.  The following day, a MRI was performed and found a brain tumor which eventually took her life.   My dog had her very first seizure at 12 years of age in the middle of Mountain Island Lake! I am so thankful that she did not drown in the water and will forever be grateful she was wearing a life jacket.

The lake life is amazing around the Melbourne area and our dogs love the water – life jackets can save their lives!

Dr. Carrie Uehlein